Educating degens about stablecoins

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The purpose of this website is to educate degens about stablecoins. We accumulate quantitative live-data of major stablecoins in a single dashboard. And we aim to make the data understandable by everyone by providing additional educational content.

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  • The original idea came from liam.eth 💡
  • Thanks for the feedback and some great ideas, @dmihal. In the next weeks we aim to have all our data provided by public open-source CryptoStats adapters. 📊
  • Thanks Michael for the good ol' Bloomberg Terminal which was our UI-Design inspiration. 🎨
  • Most of the live-data is provided by CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and CryptoPanic. 🌐
  • Hosted on Vercel with static data on GraphCMS. 📂
  • More awesome tech we used: tailwindcss with twin.macro, recharts, … 💫